Rebecca Ra

About the Author and Artist Rebecca Ra

I AM an eclectic lunatic…

I AM eccentric.

I let go of trying to be normal a long time ago, now I just strive to be healthy, insanity is a construct of society a fallacy.   I’d rather be free.

I started this site a couple of years back as  a sort of rebellion to society and it’s standards.  When I started out it was a simple blog, full of anger at the injustices I saw and a few pictures of my art.

Many of the words and images reflected hurts caused by living in a world and a self far out of balance with nature.   It reflected the impotent rage that comes with being told there’s nothing you can do about it.    It reflected the discomfort of being a round peg forced into a square hole.

However, In time that this site has existed, I’ve had time to think about that perspective and my own perspectives have grown.  I don’t want to push society away; I want to help change it, to bring back the magic and freedom most people can feel they are missing in their lives.

We shouldn’t be forced into any boxes especially when they seem to cause us so much pain and are contrary to our very nature. We are limitless, in our essence we are magic.  We’ve been programmed to believe this “story” about the world, that old tale of death and taxes and I’m coming to find that it just isn’t true.

It’s not too late to write a new story, one that has a positive ending, that tells a tale of empowerment, and wonder and mystery.

Much love,